CistromeDB, also known as Cistrome Datasets Browser, is a Database of ChIP-seq, Chromatin Accessibility data.

Data Access

ChIPBase v3.0 does not provide a way to download the source peak file, you may download peak data in CistromeDB website.


[1] Zheng R, Wan C, Mei S, Qin Q, Wu Q, Sun H, Chen CH, Brown M, Zhang X, Meyer CA, Liu XS. Cistrome Data Browser: expanded datasets and new tools for gene regulatory analysis. Nucleic Acids Res, 2018 Nov 20.
[2] Mei S, Qin Q, Wu Q, Sun H, Zheng R, Zang C, Zhu M, Wu J, Shi X, Taing L, Liu T, Brown M, Meyer CA, Liu XS. Cistrome data browser: a data portal for ChIP-Seq and chromatin accessibility data in human and mouse. Nucleic Acids Res, 2017 Jan 4;45(D1):D658-D662.


Thanks to CistromeDB team for generating, processing the ChIP-seq peak data and making them available on CistromeDB website.

Data Use Policy

Users may download the content of the CistromeDB free of charge under the following conditions, as described in CistromeDB:
1.You agree NOT to make the CistromeDB (or any part thereof, modified or not) available to anyone outside your research group. "Make available" includes leaving the data where it may be accessible to outside individuals without your direct knowledge (e.g. on a computer to which people outside your group have login privileges), as well as directly providing it to someone.
2.You agree NOT to build another website using the download data. Please contact us if you are going to.
3.You agree NOT to use the download data for proprietary analysis. You agree to properly cite the Database and its specific, original contributions if directly related to your work.
4.You certify that they are authorized to accept this agreement on behalf of your institution.
5. All members of your group with access to the Database agree to the same conditions.