The goal of Ensembl was to automatically annotate the genome, integrate this annotation with other available biological data and make all this publicly available via the web.

Data Access

ChIPBase v3.0 does not provide a way to download the annotation file, you may download annotation data in Ensembl website.


[1] Cunningham, F., Allen, J.E., Allen, J., Alvarez-Jarreta, J., Amode, M.R., Armean, I.M., Austine-Orimoloye, O., Azov, A.G., Barnes, I., Bennett, R. et al. (2022) Ensembl 2022. Nucleic Acids Res, 50, D988-D995.

A full list of Ensembl publications is available at Ensembl website.


Thanks to Ensembl team for generating, processing the annotation data and making them available on Ensembl website.

Data Use Policy

Ensembl data are available for use without restrictions. Details are described in Ensembl.

Citing Ensembl:
If you've used Ensembl in your work, please cite the most recent overview article and the Ensembl release you retrieved your data from (currently 107). References for the specific genome assembly can be found on the More information and statistics page for a species (eg human). For more specialised aspects of our system, further articles are listed below.

Citing Ensembl Data:
Since release 25, all Ensembl releases have been archived as fully functional sites for about three years. This makes it possible to accurately cite data being referred to in a paper, even though the main Ensembl site is being continuously updated (currently release 107 - Jul 2022). For more information see the list of current archives.