The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network has profiled and analyzed large numbers of human tumours to discover molecular aberrations at the DNA, RNA, protein, and epigenetic levels.

Data Access

ChIPBase v3.0 does not provide a way to download the source expression file, you may download RNA-seq data in TCGA website.


[1] Cancer Genome Atlas Research, N., Weinstein, J.N., Collisson, E.A., Mills, G.B., Shaw, K.R., Ozenberger, B.A., Ellrott, K., Shmulevich, I., Sander, C. and Stuart, J.M. (2013) The Cancer Genome Atlas Pan-Cancer analysis project. Nat Genet, 45, 1113-1120.


Thanks to TCGA team for generating, processing the RNA-seq data and making them available on TCGA website.

Data Use Policy

TCGA requests that authors who use any data from TCGA (including clinical, molecular, and imaging data) acknowledge the TCGA Research Network in the acknowledgements section of their work, as described in Citing TCGA:
1.Citation of original TCGA marker papers producing the data utilized is optional.
2.Authors are encouraged to recognize the contribution of the appropriate specimen donors and research groups.