Pan-Cancer Survival Analysis of microRNA Genes across 32 types of Cancers

Survival Table of Pan-Cancer Analysis for hsa-mir-21-5p
Cancer CancerFullName CancerNum Median coef HR p-value
Survival Analysis for hsa-mir-21-5p


Here, we performed survival analysis of miRNAs across 32 types of cancers (10,546 miRNA-seq samples).
The expression data of cancers were downloaded from TCGA project via Genomic Data Commons Data Portal.
The expression values of miRNAs from from miRNA-seq data were scaled with log2(RPM + 0.01).


Select a Cancer: KIRC
Select the Chart type: Survival plot
Select the Data scale method: log2(RPM + 0.01)
Users can click the cancer name on the Pan-Cancer table to quickly browse the corresponding survival plot.